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Losing cardio clear 7 weight surely takes time and effort, to say the least. However, no need to be discouraged; you only need to be creative with your plan and to be ruthless in your pursuit of fat loss. This article talks about tips on weight loss.

I am sure many of us are used to the standard “low fat” food. Even if we have it in our diets in great quantities, our body still keeps on asking for it; this is because our body needs a regular supply of fats and carb in order to function properly. Not to mention, there are also other reasons why we need fat and carb.

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For your information, our metabolism draws energy from the fat-carbohydrate combination. If we are not steadfast with our diet plan, our metabolism draws energy from other sources, the protein and carb ones, causing us to lose muscles, as opposed to fat.

This says you need to stay away from diet pills, drugs or any other product claiming to promote fat loss. Moreover, diet pills often have side effects, which are often worse than obesity.

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Bad carbohydrates

In finding bad carbohydrates, …

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